Bradley P.

My wife and I deal in investment properties and have worked many realtors over the years. We recently sold our personal residence with Sumer Brandon. In short, she exceeded expectations I’ve come to have for any realtor.

A few things of note: She was a very competent professional. She knew the laws, market, recommended the latest trends in marketing and gave great advice especially during the negotiation. The buyer’s agent was difficult, belligerent and a didn’t represent the buyer well. He kept threating termination of the deal and Sumer did a masterful job keeping him at bay to ensure the transaction went through.

The level of communication and responsiveness was the best I’ve seen. Sumer kept my wife and I informed with the right level of communication at the right time – including weekends. Last but not least, she was patient and empathic as my wife and I worked through our decision of where to live next. I’d strongly recommend Sumer Brandon and will go out of my way to work with her again.