How Finding The Right Office Space Can Boost Your Business


How Finding The Right Office Space Can Boost Your Business

We all know that feeling, the slump that comes from sitting in the same bland office space day after day. Is your office stuffy, monochromatic, and lacking in personality? Do you, or your staff struggle to feel motivated or creative? You might need to reconsider your office space.
Old, dark, cluttered offices with poor air circulation don’t just look unappealing, they can also be detrimental to the productivity and health of you and your employees. So much focus is placed on the bottom line of a business – the profitability, that office spaces are often overlooked and neglected.
There are some important reasons why your business should focus on the office environment. Doing so may mean your business becomes more successful.

Why Your Office Space Matters

Having a great, well-thought-out, and well located office space is more important than you might imagine. Research has shown that:
“Poor indoor air quality due to toxins, contamination, or inadequate ventilation could lead to a variety of physical health complaints. However, there are other side effects related to mental health, stress, and burnout, which have become a main occupational disease for office workers.”
Also, let’s not forget that should you regularly engage with suppliers or clients at your office, you need the space to reflect your business in its best light. We all know the old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ however it’s easier said than done.
Imagine you need a lawyer, when you arrive at your appointment, the office is run down, chaotic, and dark. Would you still feel confident in engaging their help? First impressions count and demonstrating care and professionalism in your workspace is a great way to create an outstanding first impression.
With this in mind, it is easy to see why investing time and money in a great office is well worth your while.

What Makes The Ideal Office Space

Beyond an expensive ergonomic chair and great lighting, there are some key factors you should watch out for. Either when choosing a new office space or modifying your existing one.


– The view, an office with a view is always enticing. It helps staff feel less closed in provides a great option to ‘reset’ tired eyes that have stared at a screen too long.
– Optimize natural lighting, to create a more aesthetically pleasing space that feels more open.
– Bring nature in, a great view of a park or mountain ranges is fantastic, but filling your office space with some lush greenery can also help create a fresh, appealing environment.
– Understand your space, an open plan office may sound great, but it can feel sterile and impersonal. Ensure you can group teams that work in the same fields to reduce wandering. This promotes focus and reduces disruption.
– Create designated zones within the space that allow for privacy, meetings, and socializing. This also helps with acoustics and can reduce unwelcome noise.
– Collaboration is key, involve existing staff and ask for their suggestions of what helps them work at their best! They may have valuable input that you hadn’t considered.
– Ensure your break out space is relaxing so that staff’s downtime is as refreshing and comfortable as possible.
– Create opportunities for movement, consider allowing access to the stairwells as an
alternative to the stairs. Or place the break room at a distance from the team spaces to encourage employees to stretch their legs. Providing storage for bicycles can also be beneficial.
– Location, do you have easy coffee and lunch spots nearby? Is there outdoor areas for fresh air during breaks or as Sean Hayes, head of technology at Hausera suggests businesses:

‘Consider a workspace that doesn’t confine employees to one spot and gives them the option to work remotely [or] sit outside’

How A Great Office Equals A More Successful Business

Studies have shown that employee health and well-being is directly tied to the spaces in which they work. Creating a space that allows lots of quick short breaks helps employees renew their focus and therefore boosts productivity. Employees who feel comfortable and calm in their workspace will produce their best work. As Forbes outlines;
 “We spend almost a third of our lives in the office, and in order to find and retain top talent, it’s essential for companies to foster an environment that empowers people with the right space to work, think and collaborate naturally”
Whether you need a commercial or corporate space, setting up with the above considerations in mind can aid in;
– Higher staff retention rates, meaning less time and money spent on hiring and training.
– Staff well-being, keeping staff needs at the forefront of your planning means they are happier to come to work and be at work.
– Healthier office spaces, such as those with fresh air and plants. Leading to a reduction in
sick days.
– Socialization, helping keep the mood and momentum up throughout the day.
– Improved blood flow, which increases alertness and energy.


Arkansas Offices, A Cut Above

As one of the most picturesque states to live and work in, Arkansas office and commercial spaces are ideal. If you want an office with a view, this is the state to be in! Arkansas has some of the best cities to start a new business in and some incredibly unique spaces.
Whether you plan to invest in commercial property or rent business premises, Arkansas’ positioned to set you up for success from the beginning.
Finding the perfect premises in North West Arkansas is made easy when you deal with expert REALTORS® The Brandon Group. We are committed to supporting you and helping your business to succeed. We understand what a challenging time it can be when scouting for the ideal commercial or corporate space.
We consider it a privilege to provide our expertise and advice at such an important time for your business. Whether you’re looking to rent, purchase for owner occupation or invest and no matter the size of the property required, our team can source the right solution for you.
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