Best Cities In Arkansas To Start A Business


Best Cities In Arkansas To Start A Business

Arkansas is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the USA, and for a great many reasons. There are so many great cities to choose from when it comes to buying a home in AR, but what about if you’re starting a business? Are there opportunities to take over existing businesses? If so, where?

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Popular Industries In Arkansas


Arkansas is ranked as the USA’s 29th largest state with regards to land area, so it’s no surprise farming and agriculture are popular here.  It brings in 16 billion in revenue each year for the state. Cotton is the main cultivar, but rice is the biggest export with 45% of all rice in the USA coming from Arkansas. 

Transport And Logistics

Due to its central location, the state of Arkansas is a hub for transport companies and distribution centers. A review of the 25 largest employers in the state shows that more than 20% are in the transport sector. These companies include well-known names such as JB Hunt, FedEx corporation, USA Truck, Dillard’s Inc., PAM transportation services, and Union Pacific Railroad.

According to the Arkansas Economic Development Commission:

“more than 85,000 Arkansans are employed at more than 80 distribution centers and 22 major trucking companies in the state.”

Aerospace And Defence 

According to world atlas:

“Arkansas is home to 180 aviation, aerospace, and defense companies which include Aero Jet, Rocketdyne, General Dynamics, and Dassault Falcon Jet which has built its world’s largest facility in central Arkansas.”

Due to this aerospace products and parts are another major export. This makes researchers, engineers, and machinists in hot demand also. 

Forestry And Timber

Arkansas is positioned in what is known as the ‘wood basket’, a timber rich region of the Central United States. This includes the Ouachita Mountains, Ozark Mountains, Delta hardwoods, and the Coastal plains. Timber is one of the state’s major cash crops and more than 47,000 people are employed by the state’s forestry department. 

Buy Or Start Your Own Business?

 Whether you’re already settled in Arkansas or moving there to start anew, there are so many business opportunities. You may like to try your entrepreneurial hand and start a business in one of the aforementioned industries. Alternately, there is always a wide variety of business options for sale in AR. There are often small businesses for sale in AR so if you’re dreaming of being your own boss, it can be the ideal location to start. 

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There are of course pros and cons to both, it will really depend on your industry and experience as to what works best for you. You may find your location and options are narrowed down based on your industry. 

Top Five Cities To Start A Business In Arkansas


A small but growing economy makes Arkadelphia the ideal place to begin your business owning journey. It is a timber industry hub. 

Stephen Bell, the president, and CEO of the Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance and Area Chamber of Commerce is encouraging new business.

 “We have a half-cent county sales tax for economic development … We have incentives that we can offer to someone that starts a business in Clark County. We’re one of the few counties that has a county economic development sales tax, and it was approved by the voters of Clark County, so there’s just a general interest in seeing growth.”


A small but growing hub for manufacturing and poultry farming, Batesville is the oldest town in Arkansas and sits at the foot of the Ozark Mountains. Recently, a lot of time and money has been spent on infrastructure to encourage residential and business growth. 

Mayor Rick Elumbaugh states: 

“Our community itself has invested in all the infrastructure needs; now we’re getting positive growth.”

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The historic downtown has a strong business culture. The city also has a diverse age range from college students to baby boomers and retirees. Making it easy to capture multiple business markets. Also known as the ‘City Of Colleges’ most of its graduates stay in Conway and are helping to boost business growth. 

Kim Williams, the executive director of the Conway Downtown Partnership says:

“We really do try to embrace the small business and the entrepreneur and help them as much as possible.”


Fayetteville is one of the most favored cities to buy a home in Arkansas, as a result of its high population density, business is booming. Commercial real estate in Fayetteville AR is now on par sales-wise with residential property. When a population is experiencing steady growth, it’s the perfect place to start a new business and capitalize on this. 

Little Rock 

If you find a Little Rock business for sale, you may be on to a winner. Little Rock is by far one of the most populous and popular cities to live and work in AR. Little Rock is committed to helping people start or grow their own business. Offering a huge number of resources to support this. Economic development is a priority for Little Rock and as such, it is an ideal place to start or buy a business in Arkansas. Little rock commercial real estate has a lot to offer.  

Be Your Own Boss And Let Us Help You Get Started

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