7 Elements To Look For At An Open House – To Get the Best Deal


Open houses are both exciting and eye-opening at the same time. As a buyer, you should have, in mind, a list of details to look out for when you tour. Here are 7 elements to look out for when touring at your next open house:

1. What is the Neighborhood Like?

When choosing a neighborhood, there are many elements to reflect on. If you have a family, are there schools close by for your children? Are there parks for your children to play at, or for you to walk your dog? Another note, what are the neighbors like? Is the overall setting of the neighborhood fitting to your needs? You should also check if there are nearby public amenities (grocery stores, gas stations, public transportation, restaurants, etc.).

2. What is the Condition of the Roof?

Although this may not be a factor in your home-buying decision, replacing a roof can be costly. Check with the home owner on the age of the roof, or hire an inspector to look over the condition.

3. Is There Water Damage?

Water damage can be a cause of leaking pipes or water from storms/nearby bodies of water. Be sure to check the carpets and basement level, if there is one, to ensure that there are no signs of water damage. This will save you money from having to replace carpet or walls in the future.

4. Check the Water Pressure

A major element to check for is the water pressure from sink and bath faucets/shower heads. Although it may not seem like a huge deal, this could mean that there is a potential corrosion in the water pipes on the inside of the house.

5. Is There Natural Light?

It is known for sellers to allow natural light to flow through while staging their home for an open house. Windows and curtains should be open so that you can get a feel for how bright the home will be during the day. Evaluate how many windows there are and how big they are. If you are touring during sunset or sunrise, does the sun shine in too heavily?

6. Does the Home Smell Clean?

Even though there may be candles or added scents during the open house, try to smell for signs of mold or mildew, another sign of water damage. Make sure that there are no spots on the carpet or walls that could lead to expensive replacements.

7. How Much Storage Space is There?

If you have a lot of decorations or keepsakes to store, ask the seller if you can take a look at the attic or storage space closet. Make sure that there will be enough space for all of your stored belongings, and that it is easily accessible. This will keep decorating for the holidays or bringing out that old scrapbook enjoyable!

The bottom line is to look at the exciting stuff at an open house, but to also make sure that the home has been maintained so that you are getting the best deal that you can.

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